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224 in 2024 Campaign

North Madison Congregational Church is at a crossroads for financial sustainability. For a number of years we have passed budgets in which the gap between income and expenses has been filled by withdrawals from our endowment. At the December 10 congregational meeting, robust discussion resulted in a budget that passed with the stipulation that we cap endowment withdrawals at $126,000 and actively engage in increasing pledge and other income to create a more balanced budget and minimize endowment withdrawal. Accordingly, North Madison Congregational Church is embarking on an ambitious initiative called “224 in 2024.” We are challenging this community to help us raise our projected pledges for 2024 by $36,000 - from $190,000 to $224,000.


This $36,000 funding drive will require our community to ask of ourselves some important questions. What are we thankful for having in our own lives? How has NMCC been a part of that? What are we willing to share to be able to continue relying on NMCC as a fixture in our community?

Donating to our church is an investment in a community that is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, outreach, and communal well-being. Your contributions support the vibrant worship experiences that bring us closer to our faith, creating a sacred space for reflection and connection. Additionally, your generosity fuels our mission initiatives, enabling us to extend a helping hand to those in need, both locally and globally. Through your donations, we can sustain a dedicated and passionate staff who work tirelessly to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for all. Moreover, your support helps maintain and improve our facilities, ensuring a comfortable and inspiring space for worship, fellowship, and community events. By contributing to our church, you are actively participating in our ongoing journey of faith and community service, making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. 

As a reminder, all of our funding, to support everything we do, comes directly from us, our dedicated members and friends, our fund raisers and our legacy (aka endowment) gifts given to grow through the generations in our endowment. The future of our church as a pillar in this community depends on your contribution.

We invite you to participate in the 224 in 2024 Campaign. Please donate whatever you are able. You can choose a one-time gift this month, or increase your monthly, quarterly, or annual pledge for 2024. You may give electronically or send a check to NMCC.


Please let us know about your pledge. Email or print a campaign card and mail it to NMCC.

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