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nmcc celebrates
Black history month

Please join us this Sunday, February 19, 2023, as we celebrate Black History Month with the opening of an art exhibit displaying the paintings of artist Harry L. Green. The event will begin at 11:30 AM in Fellowship Hall with paintings, reception, and an opportunity to greet the artist.

Harry Green comments “From the time I was 5 years old, art was my favorite subject and past time. But having a practical parent, and one of 8 children and getting an art scholarship, my mother who loved to paint herself sat me down and informed me ‘Art is a hobby not a career’. Hence, I pursued an undergrad and MBA in finance. In 1997 after working for decades in the corporate world, yet sensing a void and experiencing a thirst for expression, I joined an adult art group to satisfy that thirst. We are still painting under the tutorage of numerous art instructors. Over the decades, that group continues critiquing and watching each other’s artistic growth. This group contributes constructive criticism, enhances growth, structures, and another set of eyes, challenging a timeline for producing a visual painting on/of various subjects.”


Besides having Harry’s art exhibit at NMCC, his paintings have also been displayed at The Bridgeport Public, Stratford, and Easton Libraries. He has displayed in numerous churches and civic organizations and interviewed on News 12 in Connecticut.



As Harry states: “Art is a relationship. It, and your understanding of it, grows and changes throughout the journey of life. My vision is to spread that relationship with art, so that people do not simply view my art and move on, but rather view it, identify with it, and be inspired by it. There is a story to be shared and interrupted with/by each person, just as there is a conversation to share in each piece of art. And each story grows as one compounds and encounters another experience in life. The medium through which I tell, share, and sell these stories are Gicele’s of my depiction of/on various subjects, including a number of ethnic works.”


Please visit in Fellowship Hall after church service to enjoy the creativity of gifted artist Harry L. Green. The exhibit will be on display through March 12.

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