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musings from linda 11/18/22

A story tells of a tiny bird lying on its back, feet in the air …

“WHAT ON EARTH are you DOING?” asked another bird.

“Getting ready in case the sky should fall…”

“And HOW could your little feet hold up the whole sky?!!?”

“One does what one can…” he replied.

In our BIG world — so MANY needs… so MANY problems… so MUCH injustice… What can one person DO???

God created us to LOVE — to reach out to one another constantly with kindness and compassion in whatever ways we can — big and small. One of the real pluses about gathering as a church community is that working TOGETHER we can do SO MUCH MORE! Each of us can’t do EVERYTHING, but we CAN do SOMETHING — and our combined efforts can produce amazing results.

One of last Sunday’s choir anthems — I WILL GUIDE THEE — speaks of this… (click here to listen). A traditional tune, it has been arranged for choir by Vermont church musician Peter Amidon:

“If you cannot preach like Peter, if you cannot pray like Paul

You can tell the love of Jesus and say he died for all.”

The refrain is a promise to every one of us from our God…

“I will guide thee — with mine eyes…”