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Musings from Linda 8/26/22

“I really wish I knew how to feel closer to God … “a friend stated longingly one day.

“I do believe that God exists, “she said, “but I just don’t know how to have an experience of the Spirit in my LIFE…“ Daniel Iverson (1890-1977) must have felt similarly in the year 1926 when he wrote the well-loved hymn which has resonated with countless people ever since:

“ Spirit of the living God — Fall afresh on me …. Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me! Spirit of the living God — Fall afresh on me.” But — HOW do we connect with that Spirit??? Brian D. McLaren, in his book WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING observes that all of us as humans are seeking ways to experience “aliveness” … not just to exist, but “to thrive, walk tall, breathe free, be more energized and purposeful…” He further states that the “Spirit of God” — which is inherent within each of us —is constantly working to bring/restore aliveness to all of us…


If you truly make the effort to “listen” to the Spirit within, theologian Richard Rohr says THIS is what will happen:

You will be at a party and although most people will be having fun, you will notice a person who is feeling alone, not mingling. The Spirit will draw you to the person in need… if you listen and respond, you may be the bridge that can make a difference.

You will be feeling alienated from someone, and although being “righteously indignant” may seem quite justified, the Spirit will draw you to them to seek a better resolution… listen and respond with an open heart…

You will be in your work place, at the store or among friends and see a person or a group being being vilified, shamed, or gossiped about. The Spirit will draw you to differ — courageously and graciously. As you take the risk to defend them, God’s Spirit is alive and at work in your midst.

You will be at an event of some kind. It is late and you are tired. There are dishes to be done, things to pick up. You think, “Someone ELSE should be doing this!” The Spirit within nudges you to BE that gracious “someone” …

There is a hospital nearby… a convalescent home…a prison… a group or a person who needs some of your time and your love. When you let the Spirit guide you, you will become a blessing… AND what happens ? As you BECOME that blessing in the lives of others — as you bring the “alive-ness” of God to someone else — you also bring it to YOURSELF! — And VOILÀ — you are experiencing LOVE… you are experiencing God…. Click this link to hear a reflective sharing of Iverson’s hymn . For the best experience, close your eyes …. Then, listen for the Spirit stirring within the depths of your own self — as you pray the words …. Melt me Mold me Fill me Use me Spirit of the living God — fall afresh on ME.

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