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Sue Timony Hall

minister of faith formation




A Bit About sue

Sue is an authorized commissioned minister of faith formation in the United Church of Christ, serving children, youth and their families. She aims to help kids, teens and their parents to bring faith into daily life by exploring their relationships with God, self and neighbors through building friendships, making connections to scripture, and serving together in our community and beyond.


Sue believes that even the youngest child has gifts to share, and that the intergenerational nature of our church community fosters a supportive environment where all may grow and share God’s love. A key component to sharing God’s love is advocating for social justice in our world. Our ministries invite people of all ages to learn about societal issues and provide opportunities to strive for positive change together.

Sue and her husband, Jim, have raised two sons in Madison and are enjoying watching them start new chapters in their own lives as young adults.  Sue’s favorite way to spend time in Madison is either walking at Hammonasset or sitting in the sun with a mystery book, although at home with Otter the dog and Shadow the cat is a very nice place to be as well.


Please give Sue a call to hear more about our faith formation ministries. She is always interested in hearing about issues that concern children, youth and their families and potential ways that we may be able to help. Come join us!

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