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Children & youth

Children and Youth Programs

We strive to connect children and youth to each other, God, and our neighbors through community building activities, opportunities to serve, and discussions and actions centered around promoting social justice and equity in our world. We also foster intergenerational friendships and seek to promote a community atmosphere of learning and sharing for all ages. 

We offer several youth groups that meet by age group or all together on a regular basis.  

Children's Church

We are so happy to welcome all children, birth through 8th grade, to our church school that begins right after a weekly children’s sermon during worship.


Our volunteer teachers spend time getting to know each child while sharing lessons that relate to everyday life and the choices we make as progressive Christians. We also offer nursery care every week for our tiniest tots. 


Teens are welcome, and encouraged, to participate on Sundays through a variety of ways, including as teaching assistants, nursery helpers, and junior deacons.

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