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Baptism &


One of our greatest joys is welcoming a member of Christ’s family into our community through baptism.

Through this sacrament, we affirm that each person is a child of God and wholly welcome in our faith community.


We promise to lovingly support and walk with our newest member on their lifelong journey of faith. We baptize babies and people of any age, knowing that we are always surrounded by God’s love at every life stage. 

Baptism is offered throughout the year. To discuss baptism with our minister, please call the church office at 203-421-3241.


We offer our Journey Group program to all high school students, as a year long opportunity to more deeply explore questions of faith and spirituality practices in our supportive community of adult mentors and peers, culminating in a confirmation of faith worship service and welcome into adult church membership. 

If you are interested in participating in our next cycle of Journey Group, please contact Sue Timony-Hall.

Baby Baptism Ceremony
Image by Rachel Strong
Cross Necklace
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