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adult enrichment

We encourage our members to use their gifts and interests to develop both spiritual and non-spiritual events, offering our congregation learning and fellowship opportunities.  

In addition to Bible studies, special Advent and Lenten series, speakers from the local Missions we support, and pot luck suppers, we have also enjoyed an eagle watch, a wildflower hike, a discussion on exploring “Ways to Pray,” and a book club.

Weekly Bible Study


On hiatus for the summer, but will resume in  September.

Join Pastor Heather for bible study. The week’s passages and Zoom Link are in the Friday all church email each week. 

Wednesday Evening Vespers


Join Pastor Heather Wednesday Evenings at 9:00 pm on Facebook for Vespers.  

Book Discussion Group

The Book-Discussion group will meet to discuss Jodi Picoult's "Mad Honey" on Tuesday, September 26th at 4:30 pm on the Grassy Knoll.   Bring your chair and please chime in.  Questions, contact Peter Meier,

Picoult joins forces with novelist and transgender activist Boylan (Long Black Veil) for a spellbinding yarn involving a teen's trial for murder. Beekeeper Olivia McAfee fled her abusive husband in Boston for New Hampshire with her six-year-old son, Asher. Twelve years later, Asher is charged with murdering his high school girlfriend, Lily, a newcomer to town. The story unfolds from Olivia and Lily's viewpoints (Lily's before the murder), and centers on the budding relationship between Asher and Lily and the subsequent court case against Asher, who is represented by Olivia's older brother, Jordan, a high-profile defense attorney who has appeared in previous Picoult novels. Both teens have troubled relationships with their fathers, and the authors painstakingly explore the impact of physically and emotionally abusive men on their families. After a big reveal in the second half, the canvas stretches to include a primer on transgender issues, and the shift is mostly seamless though sometimes didactic. More successful is the atmospheric texture provided with depictions of Olivia harvesting honey and the art of beekeeping, and the riveting trial drama. Overall, it's a fruitful collaboration. (Oct.)                 - Copyright 2022 Publishers Weekly, LLC Used with permission.

Piles of Books
Book Discussion Group
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