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rev dr heather arcovitch (she/her/hers)





Heather joined NMCC’s team as our Senior Minister in 2019. She has been lovingly serving churches in the United Church of Christ since 1996 and brings an eclectic background in healing modalities, studio art, international service, community engagement, and justice and inclusion work; and an expansive affection for critters and the natural world. Originally from Milford, Connecticut, Heather and her partner Barb, a therapist in private practice specializing in trauma recovery and couples therapy, met and lived in Saint Louis before moving their household of rescue pets to Connecticut from Saint Louis, Missouri, to be closer to Barb’s adult daughter and Heather’s roots. An Intentional Interim Ministry Specialist, labyrinth facilitator, Reiki master, and leader in conference and association-level denominational doings and community initiatives, Heather is passionate about ministry that draws people on the edges or outside the church into deeper connections with themselves, the holy, and one another. She has a heart for pastoral care and is a loving presence walking with those in crisis, the dying, and those in need of healing companionship in these difficult and challenging days. She is a dynamic, funny, engaging preacher and teacher who brings scripture and ideas about God and life alive in thought provoking, quirky, unexpected ways. 

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