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musings from linda 3/31/23

QUIZ!!! Which of the 4 pictures is an example of “holy ground?”

Did you say, “The CHURCH — of course!” ???

PLEASE read on…

1. The house only looks abandoned … the walls and floors echo with memories and energy of family spending summers together under its roof — living, laughing, loving — blessing its walls with joy and sorrow — with stories, hopes, dreams… holy moments of life shared… holy ground.

2. Our beloved church — sacred ground indeed — where generations of believers have gathered to worship God together, to be inspired by the Holy Spirit in song and Word, enjoying fellowship with each other as Christians.

3. Tables and their tablecloths represent the holiness of bread being broken together countless times over the years — family gatherings for holidays, new babies being fed, old grandparents sharing wisdom, children laughing, friends being entertained, birthday parties, thousands of daily meals …. holy ground.

4. Hands that are helping represent hearts that are reaching out in love … wherever Love is, God is… and that is — you guessed it — holy ground.

“National Geographic” just recently published a magazine called AN ATLAS OF SACRED PLACES. Folks glancing at the title in the grocery line (where I spotted it) might think that IF they purchased it, that they would have to travel to those locations in order to find God.

BUT — while there ARE amazing places around the globe which have been designated as “holy sites” AND while certain places will always be especially “sacred” to us, HOLY GROUND is actually NEVER limited to “place…”

HOLY GROUND or a “sacred” place is WHEREVER we experience God —

and that can be ANY time and ANY place where you find yourself.

God is ALWAYS with us…

God is ALWAYS yearning for us to make connection, whatever the time or wherever we are during the day -

In reality, ALL ground, ALL space — EVERYTHING — is sacred if we experience it with God… Jon Michael Talbot, American Christian musician and founder of a monastic community known as the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, wrote a song called HOLY GROUND (Click here to listen). Holy Ground… we’re standing on holy ground… for the Lord is present and wherever that is — is HOLY.


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