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musings from Linda 6/2/23

“Fill ‘er up, please!” That’s what my dad used to say when we drove into a gas station in the “old days”... attendants always ran out to your car as you drove in — and in a “full-service” filling station, they washed your windshield and checked your oil and the air in your tires too. When I was very small, I remember asking what would happen if the gas tank were dry? No gas? NO GO!!!

It strikes me that it is somewhat the same with humans and the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit, we are simply a collection of “dry bones” as Ezekiel put it... WITH the Spirit — everything changes... we think and feel and act differently because we have said “yes” to being filled up with the LOVE Jesus described — NOT the things with which our culture wants to fill us up: power, success, prestige, thirst for “things” and more...

No Spirit ? NO SOUL ... NO GO.

“GOD is like an UNDERGROUND RIVER that no one can dam up or stop.“

Thus spoke the Medieval mystic, Meister Eckhart (1260 - 1329). Don’t you just LOVE that image??? God is the ultimate “full-service” filling station, deep within — an underground river that runs right through each of us. If we sink our roots deeply , we will constantly be connected to our SOURCE, with NEVER an empty “tank” ... no chance of drought or “dry bones...” RESULT??? —we are always filled up — totally “juicy!!” and positively SATURATED with the Holy Spirit.

On this PENTECOST Sunday, don’t miss coming to our outdoor service, complete with a real Pentecost fire! You will hear our choir sing the energetic I FEEL THE SPIRIT!

Click here for a sneak preview by another choir …

and affirm the words for yourself as they sing —

There’s a little wheel a-turnin’ in my heart…

I found the Spirit — I’ll never let it go!! 🔥

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