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musings from linda 11/25/22

Thanksgiving was only yesterday … and though the turkey has barely cooled off, the hyperactivity of Christmas preparation has ready begun!! Americans are rushing out to shop in stores that opened at 6:00 AM … We buy gifts, we buy special Christmas outfits, we buy special food, decorations, wrapping paper, cards — you name it — all to get ready for Christmas.


Will we be ready in time???? The question is… ready for WHAT? Sunday’s choir anthem (click here to listen) asks some important questions: “Are we READY for the babe of Bethlehem … Are we READY to follow the star anywhere it leads — and let its light fill all our lives?” And most importantly — Will we know God’s son - will we recognize him - when he arrives?

NMCC is taking on a new mission this Advent to raise the money to DIG A WELL in Uganda.

CALLED TO CARE UGANDA digs wells to make it possible for people to have access to clean water. EVERYONE deserves clean water — and MUST have water to survive. You and I are SO lucky … unless we have a crisis of some kind, we just turn on the faucet and drink and shower and flush to our heart’s content. BUT — in countless villages women and girls are spending HOURS every day walking MILES to a dirty river or a muddy stream to get their water and then walking back home with the heavy containers to boil it before they can even think of using it.

Not only does this prevent girls from going to school, but disease from contaminated water is rampant. When people have local access to clean water, it transforms the entire town! Girls have time to go to school, women have time for community building or starting their own businesses, people are healthier because they aren’t drinking filthy water and the quality of life improves tremendously.

The 896 people of Amidakan Village in Kalaki, Uganda are DESPERATE for a well! It only costs $7500 to dig one —to provide clean water … A luxury which we all take pretty much for granted. Contrast $7500 with the $61 BILLION that is predicted will be spent shopping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Which activity would Jesus want us to do to celebrate his coming into the world? Will we know Jesus when we see him?

Can we recognize him in the beautiful faces of folks in Amidakan Village? Can you PRAYERFULLY discern what a fitting donation might look like for you?

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