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musings from linda 12/9/22

In Utquiagvik, Alaska the sun set for the last time on November 15 and will not rise again until late January 2023 — 65 days of Polar Night. Talk about DARKNESS...!! Most of us have never experienced that type of darkness in our lives, but I dare say we ALL have “walked” in the darkness Isaiah mentions — and that is —


Death of a loved one, a serious diagnosis, breakup of a relationship, loss of a job, living with addiction, scary surgery — any number of life’s events can plunge us into dark places where it’s hard to see our way.

Our natural inclination is to ESCAPE or distract ourselves to avoid feeling pain.

Who wants pain and sadness???

But the hopeful joy of Light can only really make sense when you know the darkness deeply — when you live WITH it — and THROUGH it.

I love the quote that says:

“We are to write the words of Scripture on our hearts — so that when our hearts break, God’s words fall into them.”

A broken heart leaves space for Light to enter…

God is with us constantly, of course, but it is during dark times that we often search to connect more intentionally. And when we look for God — Love — God’s Love starts appearing in amazing ways, helping to light the path in the darkness. We just have to pay attention to see/feel it.

“Faith is seeing light with your heart

when all your eyes see is darkness.”

One of the choir’s favorite Advent anthems is Pepper Choplin’s THE PEOPLE WHO WALK IN DARKNESS. Click here to listen… And while you do, think of ways in which YOU can BE the Light someone needs this Advent!

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