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musings from linda 3/14/23

“That tree REALLY  needs to go….”  our arborist has told us, as he gazes  at the large crabapple tree in our backyard.  “It’s in pretty bad shape, you know...”If you saw it, you would probably agree!  Twelve years ago a huge limb just fell off — no wind, no storm — just fell.  The following summer, another large one fell — no wind, no storm…Not a good sign.  We opted to let it stand…Over the years, the hole in its once-sturdy trunk grew bigger, bigger AND BIGGER ! — until one day,  you could see right through the tree… 

NOW, it is much larger than when I last “MUSED” about this tree in 2022; there is hardly anything left except the outer shell. The interior is filled with rotting wood and upon close inspection, woodpeckers have pecked so many holes in the trunk that it looks as if it has been riddled with buckshot.  Poor dear old crabapple… 

This tree has been on its last legs for YEARS!!  BUT — despite blizzards, hurricanes ,and incredibly windy days —  IT PERSEVERES!!!  If — even in its severely compromised condition, it is able not only to survive, but to THRIVE! — who am I to say its time is up???Besides, it continues to be the BEST inspiration anyone could have.  It stands tall, deeply rooted and reaching for the sky, proclaiming LIFE! — despite the fact that it so clearly has ISSUES.  Every Spring it shoots out new leaves (it already has buds) and in another month it will flower profusely, delighting the birds (Baltimore orioles love it) and all kinds of bees.  In the Fall it produces hundreds of crabapples which keep the deer and woodchucks satisfied — and miraculously, away from my garden!

Jesus speaks to me through this tree daily, whispering —   

“Root yourself deeply. Sink yourself into the “soil” of God’s LOVE… It will nourish you in the tough days and give you strength —   not only to NOT give up — but to  KEEP BLOOMING where you are planted!  You may have issues too … but just KEEP ON “KEEPING ON…”

When you do, you will discover new life coming from within you that may astound you.

”Verse 2 of Sunday’s choral anthem MANY ARE THE LIGHTBEAMS (click here to listen) speaks of Jesus as OUR “tree…”    

"Many are the branches of the one tree... Our one tree is Jesus…”

Jesus — a tree?    Think about it…

Rooted deeply in God            

Fed and nourished constantly through those roots

Branch-like arms reaching toward heaven and outstretched in love 

Ever blooming where he was planted

Plant yourselves deeply, my dear friends…

What kind of tree will you be?

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