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musings from linda 3/10/23

Updated: Mar 10

CROSSWORD PUZZLE QUESTION: Six letters : the 17th book in the Bible, starts with an “E…” Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t know it immediately …. it is a short book of only 10 chapters... The book of ESTHER!! WHO??? Queen Esther (who hid the fact that she was Jewish) was married to a Persian king in approximately 479 BC. When she discovered that Haman, the king’s advisor, was plotting to exterminate all the Jews, she risked her life by approaching her husband to plead for his protection, and consequently saved her people!

Quite the courageous woman…

Moral of the story?

Always do the right thing

Use your God-given gifts to help others

Exert your influence to make a difference.

We often sing the hymn TAKE MY GIFTS (click here to listen) penned by New Zealander Shirley Irena Murray. It might well be considered a prayer-response to the above…

It begins:

“Take my gifts and let me love you, God who first of all loved me

Gave me light and food and shelter, gave me life and set me free;

Now because your love has touched me I have love to give away,

Now the bread of love is rising, loaves of love to multiply!“