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musings from linda 5/5/23

Updated: May 5, 2023

“Sometimes I think of housecleaning as “templing.” I know it’s not a word! — but you’re building a little temple, to live in and enjoy. A place to see beauty. A place to consider being holy. A place to alter and to altar…”

Do you resonate with this sentence as I do? Penned by The Rev. Donna Schaper in her UCC Daily Devotions — it raises a wonderful question… DO WE REGARD OUR HOME AS A TEMPLE?

Is our home a place in which GOD feels at home? Are there reminders in its rooms that invite Spirit in? Or — do we just reside there and go somewhere ELSE to connect with God?

What do our homes say to others about what we hold sacred?

Some believers actually build an altar within their walls and reverently visit it daily. Others place pictures, objects, sayings in various rooms - as touchstones - inviting moments of reflection whenever they are seen. Still others create an worship center in a special spot - containing things which connect them to the holy…

During the Covid years, when we worshipped at home, “church” was created within our own walls. Communion elements were everything from bagels and coffee to crackers and V8. “Holy space” was our dining room table or wherever we set up our computer or phone to Zoom in Heather, Sue a deacon and the choir — and then everyone else watching during “coffee hour” at the end!

We all need places in our lives to rest, relax and “recharge our batteries” — mentally, physically, emotionally — AND — spiritually. It is wonderful when our homes can be a major source of inspiration and renewal — as well as a place to eat and sleep! What changes would it take to make your address feel more like a sanctuary for your mind, body and spirit — symbolically representing joy, health, compassion, love? As the hymn says:

“Faithful are the gentle hearts

To whom the power is given

Of every hearth to make a home

And every home, a heaven“

Of course, YOU are the ultimate “ temple!!” And WHEREVER you are — home or otherwise, God is ALWAYS with you and within you. WE ARE NOT ALONE, a choral anthem composed by Pepper Choplin, reaffirms this wonder-full truth… Click here to listen — and take those words to heart. Then, come to church on Sunday and you will hear our choir sing it!!

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