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musings from linda 9/22/23

“GLORY, HALLELUJAH” was the favorite expression of a lovely old lady from my childhood. An expression of most supreme delight, her face was always beaming when she said it! I wonder if she knew that its true meaning was “PRAISE GOD?”

(Halel = praise … Jah = short for YAHWEH or God)


Hmmmm… isn’t praising God something that we do in church? When we sing hymns? Or when we pray? Well, YES … BUT, ALSO — when you are getting up, or going to bed, or making breakfast or working at your job, or gardening, or driving your kids or attending a meeting — WHATEVER!!!

As Christians, we are called to make our entire lives an “alleluia” — praising God by making our very selves and all our actions sparkling reflections of Divine LOVE…

“Alleluias” ( Greek ) and “Hallelujahs” (Hebrew… both words mean the exact same thing) have sounded down through the centuries— emerging from Scripture that assures us that God will NEVER EVER abandon us. In living our lives as “alleluias” we manifest that very thing — by embodying and sharing GOD-LOVE in the face of all the ever-present forces of evil in our world.

One of this Sunday’s choir anthems, GLORY, HALLELUJAH ! is a wonderful affirmation of that kind of praise:

“Glory, glory hallelujah! There’s a song within my soul and I want the whole world to know. When all the troubles of the world get me down, worries and fears come crowding ‘round, Look to the wonders that tomorrow brings — the flowers that bloom, the birds on the wing! I’ll sing (live) my praise to the whole wide world, I’m gonna shout and let it show that the Lord lives here within my heart, keeping watch over my soul… Shadows of darkness have disappeared, the promise of hope is in the air… The light eternal will guide my way with salvation for a new and glorious day!”

Hallelujah is a word both “holy and defiant” states Gina Christian, “the only fitting response to a world divided, confused, cynical, hostile — because it attests to a God who is the Source of everlasting life! Murmur it to your children as a lullaby (she continues) and whisper it to your old ones as they die. Write it on your hands and in your hearts: ALLELUIA!!!“

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