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When I was a little girl and learning about “God” in church school, I remember wondering what I could do to make God happy ?

So — Perhaps I should color a picture for God? Show God my latest ballet moves? (True story!)

Prophets critiqued every area of life — from politics to religious practices of the day.

They were fed up with a corrupt system in which judges accepted bribes and made unjust decisions.

They were fed up with the rich making money off the backs of the poor.

They were fed up when those same folks went through the motions of being religious but in actuality their hearts were far from God.

Micah basically asks that same question …. “What can we do to make God happy?”

Shall we bring burnt offerings? 10,000 rivers of oil?? Give our firstborn child???


The answer :




DO JUSTICE …. Don’t just “think” justice — or “root for” justice — but WORK for justice in any and all the ways we can… We are called to make the world more FAIR for everyone. LOVE KINDNESS… Not just do a few things from time to time when it is convenient, but LOVE it so much that we become experts in the art of being kind — in every action — of every day. WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD…. This does not mean casually going through life with an occasional nod to God … It means having GOD at the CENTER of our lives — with God as the “Control Room” of our Hearts.


Micah’s answer contains only 8 words — but they are a tall order for each of us. A good way to begin each day might be to prefix those words with just 5 others….

“God help me today to …. ”

Do Justice, Love Kindness,

Walk humbly with You. This Sunday our choir will sing a favorite anthem — OFFERTORY, composed by John Ness Beck (1930-1987) which is based on the Scriptural passage from Micah (6:6-8)

Click on this link to listen now — and then plan to worship with us on Sunday — either in person or on ZOOM — and pray the words as the choir sings!

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