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Do you ever find images in clouds? Or ANYWHERE, for that matter… Sometimes images just POP OUT at you — and you can’t NOT see them! Other times, you might actually set your intent to be aware — and find them.

Years back, I started looking for HEARTS.

At first, I just noticed objects created as hearts — pillows, jewelry, placemats, candy…OR pictures of hearts — on cards or stickers, in magazines, on posters…

But as time went on, my perception became finer and they began to appear in the most unlikely places!

… in a tree… in a pair of swans… in the garden… in rocks… in shapes of puddles… in a heart shaped potato!!!

My grandchildren now search for heart-shaped rocks for my collection… and as you can see in the photo, Xoe even found a seashell with a perfect tiny cutout heart! ONCE you start noticing them, they start to appear EVERYWHERE!!

To me, they are like glimmers of the Divine… serendipitous holy moments… a reminder that no matter what we are doing at that moment —

♥️ LOVE is what is REALLY important in life.. ♥️

Seeing a heart reminds us to STOP, and to acknowledge that —

1. We are embraced — and empowered by — God’s LOVE

2. Our calling is to greet EVERYONE we meet every day with a heart of LOVE

3. AND that our true purpose in life is actually to BECOME love.

This Sunday is Welcome-Back Sunday at NMCC! We welcome back our choir, children’s church, and all of us who have been vacationing this summer in all kinds of wonderful ways. As we return for another year, we will all “GET ON BOARD ” as our choir will sing in their anthem! (There is no music link available this week … you will just have to come and hear them sing it in person!!) We look forward to gathering TOGETHER, “getting on board” to continue exploring our common “calling”— both as individuals and as a community of faith.

And just what is that, again??? ❤️ BEING LOVE in our world!! ❤️

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