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Musings from Linda 7/22/22

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

What is so rare as a summer day??? Breathing in the clear air, scented with the wild honeysuckle from next door, gazing up at the dazzlingly blue sky, the infinite variety of vibrant green leaves and the brilliant colors of the garden, my heart rejoices with the words of E. E. Cummings:

“I thank You God for most this amazing day:

for the spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky;

and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes (I who have died am alive again today, and this is the sun’s birthday;

this is the birth day of life and of love and wings:

and of the gay great happening illimitably earth)

How should tasting touching hearing seeing breathing any —

lifted from the no of all nothing —

human merely being doubt unimaginable You?“

There are dozens of things which cause little “deaths” in our lives every day — family discord, world issues, financial worries, so MANY injustices in our society, physical pain, separation from loved ones — I know you can add to that list... BUT — in the midst of it all, God is constantly inviting each of us to renewal of spirit, to become “alive again today” as cummings says, with the dawn of each new moment. Go outside .... look up into the sky .... gaze into the face of a flower .... perhaps sit on a garden bench, take time to breathe deeply — and just savor .... While you do, listen to Gwyneth Walker’s exquisite composition (click here for link) using the text of Cumming’s poem. And say your own “thank you” to our Creator!

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