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musings from linda 10/7/22

I guess Miss DiCorletto (my fifth grade teacher) had never seen the words printed above …. because one day at school —after I had finished all my work — I decided, in genuinely innocent sincerity — that it would be quite a nice thing to entertain my fellow classmates with a little song as they worked.

Teacher thought differently.


Contrast that reaction with the affirmative text of award-winning composer Victor C. Johnson’s anthem ALWAYS SING YOUR SONG, which our choir will sing this Sunday: (click here to listen) “We all have a melody that lives within our soul A beautiful symphony to guide us a

s our life unfolds Let this tune of happiness lead you on your way And may music be your sunlight when your skies are gray. ALWAYS SING YOUR SONG! Always lift your voice loud and strong! Keep a melody in your heart your whole life long, and always, always, sing your song.” Victor C. Johnson

God creates every single one of us as a unique self — a unique identity — with unique gifts to explore and to share as we compose the “love-song” of our own life — in partnership with our God, who IS Love…

Some advice:


Whatever your expression may be, it is your own precious and beautiful manifestation of the Spirit in the way only YOU can express it.

As we celebrate the dignity and individuality of all our LGBTQIA+ friends on this PRIDEFEST weekend — along with the blessing of two children , James and Jackson who will be baptized at NMCC on Sunday — we rejoice in the music that EACH ONE of their lives contributes to the symphony of humankind!

So…. as you listen to the song of your own life, what is the sound of the “melody” you are bequeathing to the world?

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