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Musings from Linda 8/19/22

Pulling up behind a car at a stoplight one day, the bumper sticker of the car ahead caught my eye.... it said :


My immediate reaction was “Oh wow! What a great message!!!”

The friend with whom I was driving just muttered “Yeah... right...” I am quite sure if something EXTRA-ordinary were to have occurred as we waiting for the light to turn — a person stepping out of that car and starting to fly around perhaps? — she would have been impressed with the “miracle” ... but clearly, she wasn’t expecting any to happen.

That made me think of a great C.S. Lewis quote: “Miracles are a re-telling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too LARGE for some of us to see ...”

It’s a matter of perspective. A ho-hum approach to daily living will rarely produce an experience of the miraculous — BUT — seeing each day through the lens of wonder and awe and GRATITUDE — can produce the opposite result.

In short, if you EXPECT miracles — as experiences of the “extraordinary within the ordinary” — you start seeing them everywhere ... You just have to put on the right glasses! 🤓

Click on this link to enjoy a simple song: “In the everyday miracles of everyday life God is sending you guidance and grace ... In the simplest of blessings you miss everyday You can capture a glimpse of God’s Face...”

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